Monday, June 14, 2021

Violent Rainstorm in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district – 3 killed & 8 were missing!!

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3 people were washed out and 8 were missing in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district due to heavy rainstorm.

District Magistrate VK Jogdande statement

Due to continuous rainstorm in Madkot area of Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district, atleast three people were dead and nearly 8 people are missing, District Magistrate Pithoragarh VK Jogdande said.

Sudden flood in Madkot

Apart from already existing COVID-19 issues, there was sudden flood in Madkot area of Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district and the rescue team were able to find only 3 bodies. District Magistrate Pithoragarh VK Jogdande said, “There is a rescue team available in the spot and help all the struggling people in that place.

First UAE Mission to Mars

There has been heavy rain since last week in this place. A road connecting Munsiyari, Darkot, Madkot village to Pithoragarh has been washed out due to this rainstorm last week. This is the road along China border used by these villagers.
Badrinath Highway Closed
There was landslide near Badrinath Highway, hence it was closed on Saturday due to traffic in this area. This highway was closed in major spots like Pagalnala, Bhanerpani and Totaghati. District Administration cleared the road later, still it isn’t a smooth way for people to travel since there might be landslide due to rainstorm again.

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