Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ultra black-Fish in deep sea – Secret behind its Color

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In deep and darken sea more fishes we have, especially the ultra-black fish. Scientists are studying some of the creatures disentangled the secret behind its extreme color.

Mischievous Secrets:

These fish alike fangtooth, the Pacific black dragon, the angler fish and the swallower. It may have varied in size, shape and packing of the pigment to the point and it also reflless than 0.5% lights hit it, researchers said on Thursday.16 Species of Ultra-Black Fish Goes Invisible in the Ocean's Dim ...

Scientist says:

“In the deep, open ocean, there is nowhere to hide and a lot of hungry predators”, said Zoologist Karen Osborn of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of History in Washington, a co-author of the research published in the journal current Biology. “An animal’s only option is to blend in with the background”.

Light Absorbtion:

Less sunlight can penetrates more than 200 meters below the ocean’s surface. Some of these fish reside apart 5000 meters deep.In such depths, the light emission by living organisms (bioluminescence) is the only light resource.

Some fish have skin so black it absorbs 99% of all light | Daily ...

Some of the ultra-black fish have lures on their bodies to wheedle for its victimas all we know, generally the black absorbs lights to efficiently. The same concept possess by these fish skin. Even in bright light it resembles like silhouettes.

Skin Type:

The pigment melanin is plenty in its skin.By the package of crystal clear sized and shaped melanosomeshold it with perfect bond in the skin structure layer by layer. It is the essential reason behind the lights hit on the skin layer structure. It will never leave the single layer to pass the lights.How Ultra-Black Fish Disappear in the Deepest Seas - The New York ...

“This mechanism of making thin and flexible ultra-black material”, Osborn said, “could be used to create ultra-black materials for high-tech optics or for camouflage materials for night ops”.

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