Sunday, April 18, 2021

Third most followed person on Twitter in the world – PM Modi

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PM modi twitter followers raised to 60 million. by this he becomes the third most leading followed person.
“Third most followed person on Twitter”:

PM Modi crosses 60 Million followers in Twitter. He is one of the leading and third most followed person on Twitter in the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for reaching mass of people through social media. He crossed 60 Million followers on Twitter today.

Cheif Minister of Gujarat:

Modi started his popularity when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2009 grew up drastically in 2014 as Prime Minister. Former US President, Barack Obama is the most followed leader in this world with 120 million followers and the second place goes to US President, Donald Trump over 83 million followers.

Narendra modi's twitter
Narendra modi’s twitter

And now comes PM Modi to the third place as most followed Political Leader in the world over 60 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter — Battleground

Twitter says there has been 330 million users actively participating in this platform daily. Recently, politicians started using this platform to share most of the information maintain gap between them and the voters. Twitter is considered as the battleground between politicians to gain their supporters. This situation started in 2016 for US President elections.

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