Alphabet becomes 4th Trillion Dollar Company in the World

Alphabet Company

Google’s Parent Company Alphabet reaches a market worth of $1 trillion, joining the top names like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.  Under Alphabet, Google earns highly from its search engine business including YouTube and Android.

CNBC Report

CNBC’s latest report says, Google’s parent company Alphabet has finally reached the $1 trillion mark and becomes the fourth company in the world to join $1 trillion companies club.  Alphabet was acts as an umbrella company for Google and its related businesses. 

Trillion Dollar Companies

1.  Apple

2.  Amazon

3.  Microsoft

4.  Alphabet

Alphabet owns Google and all of its core businesses including Android, YouTube and several projects.  The Main business is Google’s search engine and Advertising.  Alphabet Founder and CEO Larry Page along with Co-Founder and President Sergey Brin stepped down from their posts, passing the mantle to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.


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